I was having problems with my lower back and hip joint. I was unable to stoop down, sit, or stand for very long. I also had stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Thanks to Dr. Phil, I have improved 100%. I can now work in my flower garden and sit longer. I also feel better when I get up each morning because I have gotten a good night’s sleep (no stiffness). I will continue my regular adjustments because I enjoy feeling great!

E. S.

When I first started going to Dr. Phil I had a lot of pain in my lower back, right hip, and my right leg. I also had pain between my shoulder blades and right shoulder. After about 4 weeks of treatment, most of the pain in my back, hip and leg has gone. Also I had ringing in my ears. It is also better. I am more relaxed at night and sleeping better.

A. H.

I had leg cramps, hip pain & a stiff neck for years, off and on. I just kept going, feeling terrible. After one trip to Dr. Phil my pain is gone. I feel so much better. I feel much better, more energy, less pain, no leg cramps.

M. H.

Hi. I want to share my experience with chiropractic. Actually I was very skeptical when I was invited for a free consultation. I was surprised at how much damage and pain subluxations of the spine can cause. Frequent headaches, neck, lower back pain, drew me to see what a chiropractor could do for me. You see, whenever I went to see my regular doctor, they offered pain pills, but I wanted to know the cause of this pain. I realize that old age; wear and tear of the body can cause numerous ailments, but if there is a chance to correct these problems, why not. I have no more neck pain, my headaches improved greatly, lower back pain, and well we are working on that.

I do realize that Dr. Phil may not be able to cure all my pain, but absolutely improve or restore my ability to function with daily living. It will not work overnight. I do not get discouraged but stick with my treatment. It took a lifetime to get in this shape. Thank you Dr. Phil

C. S.